Wellness Philosophy

Wellness Philosophy

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An approach to wellness that keeps you fit in every way.

At 81 Oaks, our approach to wellness is built on something unique and innovative — it’s a philosophy focused on empowering a lifestyle that ensures your body is active, your relationships are strong, your mind is challenged and your spiritual needs are met. This philosophy provides programs that focus on your physical, social, intellectual and spiritual dimensions so you’re able to thrive and keep achieving your personal goals. These customized, one-on-one programs provide meaningful and exciting ways to help you build relationships with others and grow connections through positive social interactions.

The Four Components of Wellness

Our approach that concentrates on the Four Components of Wellness — each one a critical element for creating a path to meaningful senior living.

  1. Physical: living a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and proper nutrition as a means to stay strong and flexible, and to limit disease and disability.
  2. Social: strengthening existing connections with family and friends and developing new relationships to stay connected to the community.
  3. Intellectual: stimulating minds through participation in lifelong learning initiatives and challenging, creative programs.
  4. Spiritual: continuing the lifelong search for purpose and meaning through faith-based involvement, volunteerism and service and enjoying meaningful pastimes.

To age successfully, a physically active and mentally stimulating lifestyle, strong social engagement, and environment that supports your unique goals and — perhaps most importantly — a sense of purpose and meaning is essential.