Community — the dictionary defines it as: ‘a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common,’ and while that’s an accurate definition, it doesn’t get to the heart of what a ‘community’ actually is, or what it can be when it reaches its greatest potential. Community is so much more than just living in the same place. Community is about connecting, making real bonds with other people who share your interests, your concerns, your values, and your passions. Community is about reaching out and engaging with people from diverse backgrounds and ages, to learn from each other and grow, as we all strive to live our very best lives. Community is what 81 Oaks is all about.

This Is How Our 81 Oaks Community Is Different…

We’ve designed 81 Oaks Senior Living Community with our own families in mind. Every program; every apartment; every amenity, service, and benefit; every detail has been carefully considered and designed with family in mind. Before the buildings’ foundations were even laid, our founders imagined what type of senior community they’d want for their own loved ones, and 81 Oaks was born of this philosophy — family first, family always. That’s the 81 Oaks difference.

Family is community and community is family. That’s why 81 Oaks has been seamlessly integrated into an inter-generational master plan community that consists of not only all the lovely senior residences, but also a K-8th grade charter school, an inclusive, welcoming 3,000-member church, a modern auditorium, basketball court, and a gorgeously-landscaped green park. We’ve created a master plan senior retirement community in Sarasota, Florida that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together, so we can socialize, and learn from each other.

A common fear that seniors espouse is that an independent living community, assisted living facility, or memory care community may be isolating and industrial in feel, separated from the real world and the zest of human spirit that thrives in a vibrant community of people. This is never a concern at 81 Oaks. Our open-community plan, designed by award-winning architectural firm, Lawson Group Architects, Inc, creates opportunities for the young, the older, and the in-between to share communal spaces in a real-world environment, which benefits everyone. Lawson Group’s innovative design strategies focus on challenging traditional norms, and stepping forward toward original concepts, timeless visions of what structures and communities can be and how they can enrich lives.

Of course, a close-knit community is our signature appeal, but there’s so much more. 81 Oaks is, as the name implies, a senior retirement community in Sarasota, Florida nestled in an awe-inspiring green space of over one hundred, old-growth oaks. The fresh air and natural sunshine are a part of daily life here, where residents can explore nature on our walking paths; engage in conversation or share laughs with a friend in our lovely, courtyard gazebo; experience the unconditional love from a furry friend in our pet park; get active and work up a sweat on our pickleball courts; enjoy a relaxing game of croquet; or work on their putting stroke on our beautiful golf greens.

And when it’s time to head in, residents will come home to a fabulous studio, one or two-bedroom apartment with a sleek, modern design that’s equally upscale and comforting, with all the technological amenities that we’ve come to expect in today’s world. Benefits, services, amenities, all within a master plan community that’s a short trip to everything Sarasota, Florida has to offer, including of course, those white sandy beaches where you can stroll alongside the ocean’s waves, calm your mind, and reconnect with your spirit, that’s 81 Oaks.

Whether you’re seeking a senior retirement community in Sarasota, Florida for yourself or helping a family member make their choice, there are many options.

Independent living is the best option for seniors who simply want to live an easier life, but do not need regular assistance or medical care. Many healthy seniors enjoy this option because an independent living facility provides, as expected, independent housing that allows seniors to live on their own and continue living their full lives on schedules of their own choosing, however they want, with no interference from team members unless a resident requests it.

senior couple walking their dog

Assisted living strikes the perfect balance of independence with a bit more attention from team members to assist with daily life as needed. If a resident needs assistance with getting dressed in the morning, with medication administration, escorts or travel, hygiene, mild dementia support, or just doing the laundry or cleaning, assisted living team members are standing by and ready to help. But on days when a resident doesn’t need or want assistance, they can enjoy their independence to the fullest extent. In short, team members are there when you need them or want them to be, but never hovering or interfering with one’s desire to live a private life of their own choosing. And as with independent living, assisted living residents can participate in as many of our events and signature programs as they choose, or none if they prefer to be alone, though we believe that a social life is a healthy life, and there’s plenty of medical evidence to support that.

female memory care patient with care giver

Memory care is an option for those with dementia or other memory impairments. Memory care communities help with medication management; escorts or travel and transfer assistance; assistance with dressing/grooming. Our signature programs and events that are tailored to individual resident’s needs, programs that engage the mind and boost cognitive ability, revive old memories, and work to increase physical health through diet and exercise.

The 81 Oaks Wellness Philosophy

Our holistic wellness philosophy, Salus by Solvere, challenges the mind and body by focusing on the four pillars of wellness: physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. Read the brief information below then click the link HERE if you’d like to learn more.

Our ValeoTM Signature Programs

At 81 Oaks, we believe that everyone deserves to live a full, rewarding life filled with joy, and we’ve designed our ValeoTM Signature Programs for residents with that in mind. Our signature programs are based on real science and focus on complete wellness, with programs that challenge the mind, lower risks for disease, and increase social opportunities. Residents can awaken their spirit and power up their minds. To read all about our signature programs, click the link HERE, or get a brief overview in the paragraphs below.

The 81 Oaks Team: Dedicated, Committed to Great Health and Lives That Thrive!

At 81 Oaks, we’re about community and family, and the foundation starts with our team. We only allow the best of the best to work with us, because our team is your connection to assistance, support, and engagement. We count on our team members to give you the best senior living experience in existence, and they can’t do that if they’re not the best people for the job. This is why our interview process is rigorous, and those who make the cut become the select proud members of our family who we allow to help you, and your family. We’re not a run-of-the-mill senior retirement community. Come visit us in beautiful Sarasota, Florida; take a VIP tour of our showroom, and let us show you how our innovative community is unlike any other, and why we’re a cut above the rest.